Independent Program
(PIP) 2024

Second Edition PIP
Jan. 22nd — June 16th, 2024

Submissions for PIP 2025 will open in Fall 2024.

The second edition of the Postnatural Independent Program (PIP) will explore the new implications of postnature as a framework for contemporary creation. In the form of an experimental educational platform, we will speculate and question not only contemporary ecologies but also new academic approaches and radical notions of learning together.
       Delving into some of the most urgent issues linked to the current ecological crisis and the necessary redefinition of human activity on the planet. It aims to provide tools for the creation of artistic proposals that have real consequences for the world. It is conceived as a six-month research cycle, structured in three theoretical modules that will accompany the development of the participants' practices, and will offer two in-person meetings in Madrid as intensive community-building experiences, with field trips, workshops, and tutorials, where we will develop original collaborative research projects. The incredible faculty is made up of some of the most renowned contemporary thinkers, artists, curators, and designers who work on a planetary scale, rethinking the agencies of art around today's challenges.
        This multidisciplinary program is aimed at professionals with varied training and experience in the fields of visual arts, philosophy, performance, film, design, journalism, digital media, social studies, and political science, among others.
Apply until November 30th to be part of this experience, and join us in rethinking the world through ecology, proposing new forms of academic experience, and creating networks for art and thought practices that address the real challenges of contemporanity

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Monday Oct 31 2022